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College program: Tourism

A specialist in the field of tourism deals with all issues related to the organization of leisure. In this case, you can work in several areas: social and cultural service and tourism, organization management, and tourism. Tourism specialists who have chosen the management of organizations are engaged in personnel management, the quality of services provided, and
develops tactics for communicating with clients. Work in the field of tourism is quite interesting. They not only bring money, but also provide moral satisfaction and new knowledge. Such work requires knowledge of a foreign language, sociability, good memory, because the client needs to provide information about countries and resorts, hotels and excursions. A tourism specialist must love his profession. Then he or she will become the best of the best.


KEiIN International Institute is committed to attracting and supporting the very best students. We have a focus on nurturing talent and ability and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to study here, regardless of your financial circumstances. Best students of our institute are able to get scholarships from 25 up to 100 percent tuition discounts. In addition to
that you will have a chance to study abroad one or two semesters as an exchange student.

Career Opportunities

Currently, tourism specialists are in high demand. And this applies to almost all areas. This is due to the fact that the restaurant, hotel and tourist business is developing rapidly. People need to take vacations and relax, and therefore restaurants, hotels and travel companies should offer them the best service. If you like the tourism or hotel and restaurant business and you decide to get an education related to this field of knowledge, you don’t have to worry about unemployment. The tourism and hotel-restaurant business is developing rapidly. There are many new restaurants and hotels and travel companies, or you can start your own touristic business.
The main goal should be to get a quality education and have a great desire to work in this area. Then you will surely succeed.