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College Program in Tourism

Tourism is a systematic study of complex human activities and social phenomena. Countries around the world are promoting their tourism industry through national projects. As Kyrgyzstan’s tourism industry is on the rise with the economic growth of China and other neighboring countries, Kyrgyzstan has a growing need for tourism professionals with comprehensive and deep understanding of tourism. Our Department of Tourism was set up in 2019 in order to cultivate general specialists who are self-motivated and talented in blending their expertise in several fields in this rapidly changing 21st century.

Our Mission

  • To teach students how to develop a flexible and positive mind of service, and ingenious expertise based on knowledge about tourism.
  • To help students design national and international projects for the future of tourism.
  • To prepare students to be well-equipped with knowledge and skills to work in the tourism labor market.
  • To support the economic and social areas of tourism in Kyrgyzstan.

Our Merits and Principles

  • Cultivation of the intellectual and practical manpower necessary in the various tourism fields
  • Acquisition of foreign language skills such as English, Korean, and Chinese
  • Formation of kind, positive, and humble characteristics
  • Development of work ethics and habits