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The future of KEIIN is wide open


(Kutbilim Article) The history of the famous educational institutions started in rural region.

The above-mentioned schools generally take place in the capital and big cities, the International Institute differs from them with its location, it is located in the Stanciya Ivanovka in Chui. With the majors on Management of the business, tourism and computer technology Keiin is graduating students for the first time this year.

Keiin International Institute cooperating closely with University of Missouri, USA, sends students To USA  through the exchange education grants. This year, two students got to enjoy this chance: Abdullayev Galbay, Kasymova Aiperi.

On March 3, the rector of the Institute, Dr. Paul Synn, with Ivanovka government signed a memorandum of cooperation. In years past, Keiin institution helped local residents to bring the water into the village.
Keiin students each week teach English for Ivanovka high school students.



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