“It is impossible not to study!”

– Yulia Kan, Student of Business Management –

I studied Economics at another university. Teachers there finish lecturing and they leave not paying attention to anybody. They want nothing to do with the students who do not understand. In other words, students deal with their own problems themselves. I didn’t like that a lot. So I dropped out from that university. Later acquaintances told me about Keiin Institute and recommended it. I thought for a rather long time, and finally decided to give it a try. Of course, the first year was very difficult for me. However, teachers supported me in every way and explained everything in an understandable way. Right now I don’t have any problems; I attend classes in a festive mood. Because here there is respect and the heart to help one another and build good relationships between teachers and students. That is why I like Keiin. In such an Institute and such circumstances, it is impossible not to study!

KEIIN Spirit – positive attitude, mutual assistance, and pursuit of the best.”

– Salimzhanova Fania, ESL(English as a Second Language) Instructor –

I like the atmosphere that reigns in Keiin – kindness, friendliness, respect, both among the teachers and the students. The work is easy and pleasant here. The contingent of students is different: some of the students are better prepared than others, but they are all nice to work with, as they are all purposeful and have positive attitude towards learning.

Of course, not all students are equally responsible and conscientious and not all achieve good results, there are those who cannot continue their studies due to their low GPA results, but we believe that the “spirit» of Keiin will always be with them: positive attitude, mutual assistance, and pursuit of the best.

I feel like a member of a big, happy family.”

– Kichatova Galina, ESL(English as a Second Language) Instructor –

I have been working at Keiin Institute since its opening. I teach English. Working here is very comfortable, Keiin provides all the conditions for teaching: teaching materials, technical equipment, Internet access. We have a very friendly team and positive hard-working students. The relationship between teachers and students is based on mutual respect and understanding.

I feel like a member of a big happy family, and not just a regular unit. Our task is to train students to speak fluent English, to improve their Math knowledge and to develop skills in computer technologies; and the material base of our Institute allows for the realization of our goals and objectives. And our President Dr. Paul Synn plays the main role in all of this. He treats staff and students with fatherly warmth, attention and care. For me Keiin is my second home and my colleagues – my second family.

Keiin is an institute with a bright future.”

– Sardarbek Omurbekov, Mathematics Instructor –

Keiin Institute has all subjects taught in English, even mathematics. I can say that it has the best preparatory program that trains students to apply to International Universities. Math and English are taught intensively and students graduate having been well prepared for TOEFL test. Basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office and Excel are taught, as well as advanced skills, such as designing websites.

Keiin has a bright future, with a plan to broaden the spectrum of departments to include teaching other foreign languages, business administration and tourism. The purpose is to prepare good specialists in Kyrgyzstan.

Spirit of European education & hard work”

– Kubanychbek Balykov, Lawyer –

One of Keiin Institute’s distinctions from other universities is that it is located in rural area. In 2008 the school building was completely renovated and now there are many opportunities for students to get education. Some world famous universities were also founded in rural areas and later it caused the place to become a city.

The hard work of administration of the school, and teachers’ diligence in giving students good education will ultimately bring fame to this school. It will also lead education in Kyrgyzstan to European standard.