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KEIIN Scholarship Program

KEIIN Scholarship Program

§1. Scholarship Application Procedure
The scholarship applicant's application must be completed within two weeks of the beginning of each semester
(homepage /www.keiin.kg and posted on the school-designated bulletin board).

The scholarship selection and scholarship amount will be determined during the first four weeks of each semester
through the screening process of the Scholarship Committee (documents and interviews).

The scholarship application for the current students and the screening process of the Scholarship Committee are
renewed every semester.

§ 2. Qualifications and Conditions of the Scholarship Applicant
Scholarship funding for students is fundamentally provided to KEIIN University enrolled and enrolled applicants as
a Kyrgyz citizen. It is also applied to international students who come from the CIS region, too. The scholarship
committee decides on the applicants and the scholarship amount of aid.

§ 3. Types of scholarships and how to apply

a. Academic Scholarships
New students will receive a 100% scholarship for one year if they have a score of at least 190 on the national examination(ORT) or 70 points and over on the TOEFL IBT.
Scholarships of 50% -100% will be awarded to students who have excellent grades (students with GPA of 3.5 or
higher) at the time of enrollment.

b. Scholarships for low-income family students
Application The amount of support will be decided depending on the extent of the circumstances: for families with
very difficult living conditions i. e. recipient of livelihood program, single parent families, etc.
The applicant is requiring to submit documents proving that the applicant is a low-income family.
Scholarship Applicants must be at least 2.5 grade points per semester to be eligible to apply in succession.

c. Scholarships for employee’s children
KEIIN employee’s child who is enrolled at KEIIN will receive scholarships based on years of service.

Example: 100% scholarship for 5 years or more and 50% scholarship for 5 years or less.

d. Neighboring Love Scholarship (for the local residents)
For students attending KEIIN from Ivanovka district, we provide a 25% of tuition discount.

e. Work-Study Scholarships
Selected Work-Study Scholarship students can work for up to 20 hours per month. The selected student will receive a certain amount of scholarship according to the level of the assistant at the place designated by the school.
Everything else is determined by the KEIIN Scholarship Committee’s deliberations.

– KEIIN Scholarship Committee –