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Scholarship Application Announcement

For Spring Semester 2017-2018 Academic Year

Each semester, in order to encourage our best and brightest students to purpose higher education, the KEIIN Scholarship Committee offers scholarships.

To be eligible, students must:

  1. Be enrolled in KEIIN International Institute for this Fall semester, 2017:
    Tuition fee[Kontrakt] must be paid in full amount for this Fall semester.
  2. Be planning to pursue a two or four-year degree programs at the KEIIN International Institute. Students who are enrolled in UPP(CPP) programs are also eligible for this scholarship award.
  3. Be submitted for the application forms with the document such as a letter of household financial status.

Special Notes:

  1. Academic Scholarship for the students who earned excellent GPA will be announced later as a separate notice.
  2. Deadline for application is at 4:00 PM on 15 December, 2017.
  3. A personal interview by the committee is to be followed for each applicant.
  4. For more information, contact Mr. John Lee (office #410), or Ms. Cholpon Park (office #404) : Application Form etc.

The Scholarship Committee of KEIIN International Institute