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Open House 2018

Dear applicants and students!

Keiin International Institute holds the annual “Open House” Day on Saturday, April 21 and invites everyone to see:

  1. Work organization of the instructors;
  2. Life and study of the students;
  3. Educational program;
  4. Conducting various activities; and
  5. Leisure and entertainment time outside of the school.

You can invite to this “Open House” all your relatives, friends, familiars and everyone who wants to know about Keiin.

We will be happy to all who wants to get acquainted with the activities of the institute, where not only instructors of the highest category, professors and doctors of the Kyrgyz Republic work, but also foreign instructors.

Our doors are open for you!

If you live in Bishkek city, then we have free transportation from the city to the institute and back.

Come to the VICTORY Park (Pravda / Frunze) on Saturday at 9:00 AM.

Can’t make the Open House in May?

Contact our Admission Team at +996-312-616-882 or email at info@keiin.kg to set up a personalized tour on a day or during a time that works for you!

Also, you can go to KEIIN website at www.keiin.kg to register or to find out more information about the Academic programs and up-to-date campus news.


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