MG Dept. : Prof. Sang Chul Park

Faculty of MG

Sangchul Park, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in International Business (Korea University, Seoul Korea)


  • 1985-1991 Graduate School of Korea University (Ph.D. in Business Administration: Major; International Business, Minor; International Trade)
  • 1980-1983 Graduate School of Seoul National University (MA in Business Administration, Major: International Business)
  • 1971-1975 School of Business Administration, Korea University (BA in Business Administration)

Work Experience

  • 1975 – 1978 Officer of ROK Navy
  • 1978 – 1984 Research Associate of KIET(Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Technology)
  • 1984 – 2017 Professor of IB in Chonnam National University, Gwangju Campus
  • 2011. 01 – 2011. 12 President of KAIBM(Korean Academy of International Business and Management)
  • 2017 – present Emeritus professor in CNU
  • 2017 – 2018 Professor at Mongolian International University
  • 2020 – present Professor at Keiin International Institute

Research Area

  • International Financial Management, International Business, International Financial Markets, General & Global Management, Local Business and Economy, Regional Studies


  • Undergraduate: International Financial Management, International Trade Practices, Introduction to International Trade, and Others.
  • Graduate Courses: Advanced Studies of IFM(International Financial Management), Special Studies on International Trade Practices.

Publications (Selective)

  • A Multidimensional Empirical Analysis on the Nominal and Real International Fisher Effects with a Mediator Variable, International Business Review, 17.3, 2013, 9, 1-20.
  • An Essay on the Managerial Thoughts of I-Ching, International Business Review, 19.4.(2015), 75-99.
  • An Essay on the Kairos Perspective of I-ching(Ⅰ): Focused on the Construal of Hexagram Statement (卦辭guàcí) and Six-line Statements (爻辭yáocí) of Gòuguà(姤卦), The Journal of China Studies, 19.3(2016), pp.31-53.
  • An Essay on the Kairos Perspective of I-ching (Ⅳ): Focused on the Construal of Hexagram Statements and Six-line Statements of Lǚguá in the Managerial Viewpoints, KAIB, KAIBM International Conference Proceedings, 2019, pp. 213-249.

Translation into Korean

  • J. R.Commons, The Economics of Collective Action (N. Y.: Macmillan: 1950) (집단행동 경제학, 서울: 한국문화사, 2012) (학술진흥재단 학술명저번역서 서양편 706)
  • C. S. Eun, et. al., International Finance, 8th ed. (N. Y.: McGraw-Hill, 2018) 국제재무, 서울: 도서출판 경문사, 2019) (co-translation: 임윤수, 김동순과 공역)