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About the Course Works

We have two tracks. First one is the University 4 years Bachelor Course. The other is College 3 years Course, in which graduates can move on to the Bachelor Degree Course with additional one more year’s course work.

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Our Specialty: Updated Curricular under English Only Lecture Programs

Our Department of Business Management try to educate future business leaders with English only lecture programs. We are dedicated to provide a good learning opportunities with updated curricula under EOL programs to the students who are trying to strengthen the competences needed to cooperate and to compete in the glocalized business environment and under the age of 4th industrial revolution.

Goal of the program

DBM’s goal is to train future management experts, certification experts, researchers, and consultants, who can initiate the development of their own and the organizations they work for. To this end, the DBM offers programs that deal with general management theories and their applications, and also promotes foreign language and IT skills training, in line with the demands of a international society.

Objectives of the program

  • Being equipped to be competent with English proficiency.
  • To cultivate strong leadership and ethics among its students.
  • To enhance student creativity in managing and handling of business problems.
  • Being prepared for the cooperation skills for the tasks in team work.
  • To promote an entrepreneurship among its students.


Sung Ho You, MBA, AICPA

Myonjun Park, MBA

Aiupova Nurgul

Korostelyova Natalia Nikolaevna

Ermatova Tabihat

Alimova Elmira

About the Curriculum:

Description of the curriculum:

DBM’s comprehensive international business management curriculum takes on a future oriented perspective with real-world learning, providing students with the knowledge and skills they will need to compete successfully in today’s volatile and glocalized economy.

To complete the Bachelor of Business Management you must earn 160 credits during 4 years of your campus life.

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