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Keiin at a glance


Established in 2012, KEIIN is growing as one of the good quality institutions of higher education in Kyrgyzstan. Learn more about the Institute’s history.


About 30+ onsite faculty members and 5+ online adjunct professors in S. Korea and USA.


At the moment, 86 students are in different degree and certificate programs.


The first college graduates with 2-year associate degree and bachelor degree in Business Management are coming out in June, 2017.


“Wisdom in Action”

Real Estate Holdings

45 acres (180,000 m2)

Library Collection

The KEIIN library includes 4000+ textbooks and references in many professional areas, and manuscripts. Most of books are in English brought from overseas. Also, Access to this rich collection online is provided through KEIIN website or online library (library.keiin.kg) and other public online libraries open to public.

Faculties, Schools, and an Institute

KEIIN Institute is made up of three programs that offer courses and award academic degrees or certificates.

3-year College and Undergraduate Financial Aid Program

More than 50 percent of KEIIN students receive scholarship aid. During the 2016-2017 academic year, students from families with incomes below (certain amount regular income), and with assets typical for that income level, will generally get the financial aid from KEIIN.

As a tuition discount program, KEIIN provides students from Ivanovka a community scholarship, 25% tuition discount.

As for students who show excellent academic achievement, they are awarded Academic Excellence Scholarships between 50% and up to 100% of the full tuition.

KEIIN International Institute President

Paul K. Synn is the founder and president of KEIIN. Meet the KEIIN’s President.

 KEIIN International Institute Coat of Arms



The name KEIIN comes from the founder and president, scholar Dr. Paul Synn. As he was working on a new institute in Kyrgyzstan, he named it KEIIN, (啓寅) in Chinese, which means “Opening the dawn” with his vision to open a new era by raising up young leaders for the country and beyond in quality education.

More Information

Please contact KEIIN to find out more information about faculty news, projects, staff developments, student life, and daily events at KEIIN.

Address: 2A Nekrasova Street, Stantsia Ivanovka, Chuy Province, Kyrgyzstan

Tel: +996.312. 616.882 (9am – 4pm, Monday – Friday)

Email: info@keiin.kg