Information Technology

College Program: Information Technologies

The development of new applications of information technologies in science, engineering, and business is totally altering the way in which we experience and see our world. This program helps students to acquire and develop the skills needed to contribute to this exciting and rapidly
evolving field of science and industry.
You will gain not only knowledge and practical experience of the latest technologies, but also a grounding in the underlying principles of the subject. It is this combination of skills that enable our graduates to keep pace with this fast moving subject, and secure rewarding careers that can
be pursued almost anywhere in the world.
At KEiIN International Institute we aim to provide a unique experience. Studying Computer Science with us will give you the chance to follow your academic curiosity and explore a fascinating subject.
A significant amount of your work will be project-based team work, tackling real problems. You will see how computer science is directly applicable to solving problems, across a broad range of areas.


KEiIN International Institute is committed to attracting and supporting the very best students. We have a focus on nurturing talent and ability and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to study here, regardless of your financial circumstances. Best students of our institute are able to get scholarships from 25 up to 100 percent tuition discounts. In addition to
that you will have a chance to study abroad one or two semesters as an exchange student.

Career Opportunities

Increasingly, employers are seeking graduates with high-level computing skills, and the ability to apply them in innovative ways to solve the problems facing their organisations. Opportunities exist in fields as diverse as finance, films and games, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer
products, and public services – virtually all areas of business and society.