Housing and Dormitory

Keiin dormitory is a place where students respect human rights and diversity and learn about the sharing while living together in a loving community. Dorm is located on campus, surrounded by nature, which brings a sense of the season. They are conveniently located with facilities such as Reading Room, dining hall and the library.

Students living in the dorms include those from overseas, which is about 20% of the total. Students with diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds, personalities and ways of thinking live and study together. They spend a fulfilling time, organizing school events together.

In principle, students move into dorms in September and February when they enroll and stay for 8 months a year, excluding the 3 month-long summer vacation (June, July and August) and 1-month winter vacation.

Priority to live in dormitory is given to those who come from other regions of Kyrgyzstan, other countries & for the students in their 1st year of study at Keiin.