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Commute from Bishkek

If you decided to visit KEIIN, the road to get on is Jibek Jolu. On Jibek Jolu take any mini buses (marshurtka) that goes to Alamedin bazaar. From Alamedin’s eastern bus-stop, take bus #354, or any bus that passes Ivanovka. Transportation fee for mini bus is 35 soms.

When you get to Ivanovka, you get off near Ivanovka bazaar, right before the traffic light. And turn right to see for a taxi that can take you to Stansia Ivanovka. Taxi will drive you about 5-7 mins (for 15 soms) towards south and you’ll see a gas station from the right side. Right after/next to gas station look for blue-green Keiin’s 4 stores building to find your destination.