Visiting Keiin Campus has never been so easy!

You are very welcome to take our School Bus at the intersection of Zhibek-Zholu st. / Kurmanzhan Datka st., on weekdays at 8:15 in the morning. The bus will be waiting for you right behind the gas station – Gazprom. This stop is called Alamedin Bazar. Transportation is free, however the seats are limited. For this reason we advice you to book your seat in advance by calling this number – +996 700 600 991. Our School Bus will take you directly to the Keiin Campus.

You can also take the bus route number 354 (also known as marshrutka), or any bus that passes through Ivanovka. The transport charge for these minibuses is 35 som one way.

If you have decided to get to Ivanovka by the minibus 354, you will have to get off at the Ivanovka bazar, right in front of the traffic light. You will have to let the minibus drivers know you are getting off at Ivanovka Bazar. Once you are there turn right and you will see taxi drivers that can take you to Keiin International Institute.

Taxi ride will take you about 5-7 minutes. Taxi costs only 15 som.