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Class of 2020 Commencement

Class of 2020 commencement ceremony was held in Bishkek summer office. Five college students from business management program and six college students from IT program graduated with Keiin spirit and privilege.

President congrats message ….

Honest is the best policy

As we send you, our graduates, into the outside world, we share every parent’s heart who has to send their children into the totally uncertain, unforgiving battleground of life. And what makes it worse, we have to do it without even being able to see you face to face, because of this terrifying virus. It’s a shame! But our wishes for your success in the world remain strong as ever. I’ve been trying to find the best advice for you as you leave Keiin. Best advice so as to help you to overcome obstacles, to meet the challenges, and to be successful in whatever you try to accomplish. The word I chose is ‘honesty’…


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