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All About Ivanovka

Ivanovka, used to be an urban type settlement during the Soviet Union. In Kyrgyzstan, as of 2012, there were 9 urban-type settlements.

Unlike rural settlements, in such settlements the main part of the population, about 2/3, should be occupied in industries other than agriculture. During the existence of the USSR in urban-type settlements the minimum number of inhabitants should be at least three thousand people. Often in such settlements there was only one main (city-forming) enterprise.

For Ivanovka this city-forming enterprise used to be the Silicate Plant located in the close proximity to the settlement.

Ivanovka, in 1993 has been reformed back to the village status, and now is home to about 16,000 people, including ethnic Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Russians, Germans, Dungans, and Uyghurs – making it one of the most multi-cultural villages in the region.