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Applicants for 2019-2020 Academic Year

When to Apply

Early applicants apply by May 28, 2019  and hear from us by mid-June. If you apply to KEIIN under Early Application, you will be asked to fill our Early Application Form. You may apply under our Regular Application until 23 of August.

What We Look For

We seek promising students who will contribute to the KEIIN community during their college years, and to society throughout their lives.

While academic accomplishment is important, the Admissions Committee considers many other factors—strong personal qualities, special talents or excellencies of all kinds, perspectives formed by unusual personal circumstances, and the ability to take advantage of available resources and opportunities.

Where to Apply

Prospective students can apply for each program listed below.

  • University Programs (4 years): Apply here.
    • Business Management
    • Computer Science (IT/Software)
    • Foreign Languages, Philology (English / Korean / Chinese (in 2018), and more to come)
  • College Programs (3 years): Apply here.
    • 10-11th grade Enhanced High School Program (First year)
    • Business Management
    • Computer Science (IT/Software)
    • Tourism
  • Pre-College Program (UPP) (1 year): Apply here.
    • Intensive English Language Courses
    • Intensive Mathematics Courses
    • Intensive Computer Basics


Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information regarding the admission process.

E-mail: admission@keiin.kg,  Phone: 0(312) 616.882 (9AM – 4PM, Monday – Friday)