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Application Requirements for University Degree Programs

  1. The completed application
  2. A copy of a high school or a college diploma
  3. Official, notarized copies of all high school or college transcripts/ grade sheets. 
  4. Copy of passport information pages.
  5. Birth certificate
  6. For non-Kyrgyz citizens living in Kyrgyzstan, a copy of the Kyrgyz Republic visa page.
    1. 6 photographs (3 x 4 cm, color).
    2. General Health Medical Note (086-У)
  • Deadline: August 23rd
  • KEIIN provides scholarships to those who demonstrate outstanding academic performances or need-based financial aid to those students who prove financial need. Please contact the KEIIN Scholarship Committee at 0312.616 882 or 0700 600 991.

To know more information about required documents for admissions to College, please visit this page.