Pre-University Program:

EHSP Program
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UPP Program
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Application Requirements for College/University Preparation Program in English

  1. Fill out an application and visit our Bishkek office (Ibraimova 115 near Dordoi Plaza ) with all documents ready.
  2. A copy of high school diploma or a copy of  9th grade education certificate OR a certificate from the current school certifying that the applicant is in the last year of study, including grades transcript.
  3. Passport / Birth Certificate Copy
  4. For non-Kyrgyz citizens living in Kyrgyzstan, a copy of the Kyrgyz Republic visa page.
  5. Medical certificate (Form 086-У) confirming all vaccinations and immunizations and health screenings for tuberculosis.
  6. 4 photographs (3 x 4 cm, color).
  7. Application fee 500 som
  8. Essay of choice:
    1. Self-Introduction Essay:
      Write a 350 word letter introducing yourself to your potential classmates and teachers at the Keiin Institute. Your essay should be typed, double-spaced with 12-point font, in English.
    2. Leadership Essay:
      Write, in English, a 350 word essay on leadership. In your essay, you should define leadership, give an example of a leader you admire, and describe some of your experiences in leadership. Your essay should be typed, double-spaced with 12-point font, in English.
  • Deadline: August 17 (apply during July 1st to August 17th)
  • Application Period : July 01 ~ August 17
  • Full scholarship program is available for those who have only 4(good) and 5(excellent) school marks.
  • To apply for full scholarship program 2 recommendation letters should be presented from tutor and somebody who is neither relative nor teacher


We will send an acknowledgment of receipt within two weeks of receiving your application. If you have not received an acknowledgment after two weeks, please contact us with 0700 600 991, 0551 660 991, or 0770 600 991.