Administrative Offices

  • Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing authority for KEIIN International Institute. The board has 7 members.

  • Executive Leadership

KEIIN is led by Paul Synn, the Institute’s founder and president. The Rector reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

  • KEIIN Administration

    • KEIIN’s President, Paul K. Synn
    • Director of Academic Affairs, Cholpon Chan Shim Park
    • Director of Administration, John W. Lee
    • Director of Housekeeping and Food, Anna S. Synn
    • Director of International Affairs, Astra J. Seo
    • Director of Student Affairs, Hokwan Seon
    • Director of Operation and Projects, Nyun Kyoo(Peter) Park
    • Acting Manager of Human Resource, Svetlana Berzhibaeva
  • Academic Leadership

    • Acting Director of Department of Business Administration, Jenaly Orozbaev
    • Acting Director of Department of Foreign Languages, Salahitdinova Elnura
  • Organizational Charts

    • President: Paul K. Synn
    • President’s organizational chart
    • Chart of staff and reporting unit
    • Keiin Faculty