KEIIN International Institute is devoted to excellence in teaching and learning, to develop future leaders in their respective fields who can make a difference in Kyrgyzstan and beyond. In September 2012, KEIIN opened the door to 30 young people in Kyrgyzstan by offering three major subjects and seven courses.

As of 2016, KEIIN, which is located in Ivanovka, Kyrgyzstan, provides three different programs: 4-year Undergraduate degree program, 3-year College degree program, and 1-year College Preparatory Certificate Program.

In Fall 2017, KEIIN began offering an innovative world-class four-year undergraduate degree program in Business Administration, Foreign Language, and Computer Science and Engineering.

KEIIN at a Glance

KEIIN faculty members are engaged with teaching and research to advance the level of knowledge for young people in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. For students who are excited to meet the challenges and investigate the issues of Central Asia in the 21st century, KEIIN offers various internship and training programs, and student exchange programs overseas through partners that KEIIN has signed MOUs with. Furthermore, KEIIN offers a generous financial aid program, with more than 50% of our students in undergraduate and college programs receiving scholarships.

From 2017, selective KEIIN students are invited to participate in 16-week programs (LEADI-LEAP) at the University of Missouri, USA, with full scholarships offered by the university’s Asian Affairs Center. Moving forward, KEIIN continues to develop more educational and leadership programs with global partners to offer a truly international education that fulfills our vision.


Established in 2012, KEIIN is growing as one of the better institutions of higher education in Kyrgyzstan. Learn more about the Institute’s history here.

Latest News

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KEIIN welcomes people from all around Kyrgyzstan and all over the world. Get more information about visiting KEIIN. KEIIN also provides general information throughout the website about the campus and its academic programs to visitors, neighbors, and the public.